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These days, almost anyone can build a network. But at Vergen Inc., we believe there is more to business communications than merely connecting PCs and phones to switches and routers.

  • It's about designing your networks to deliver common services (like file sharing, printing, and e-mail) efficiently and cost effectively.
  • It's about engineering your networks to empower users with enabling technologies (like roaming access, telecommuting, and unified inboxes).
  • It's about implementing tools to expand your organization's capabilities (through technologies like VoIP, FoIP, Video, Telepresence).

At Vergen Inc., we understand the needs of our clients. We know how to design, build, manage and maintain large communications infrastructures. We strive to bring the true value of converged networking to our clients.

Vergen. At the heart of conVERGENce.

15.09.2015 Cisco router break-ins bypass cyber defenses
Security researchers say they have uncovered clandestine attacks across three continents on the routers that direct traffic around the Internet, potentially allowing suspected cyberspies to harvest vast amounts of data while going undetected.
03.02.2011 River of IPv4 addresses officially runs dry
In a ceremony in Miami this morning, the final five blocks of IPv4 addresses were given out to the five Regional Internet Registries that further distribute IP addresses to the far corners of the planet. The five RIRs still have tens of millions of addresses as working inventory, but once those addresses are given out, it's over.
27.05.2010 Are you ready for the big internet crunch?
The internet as we know it is reaching its limits.  Within 18 months it is estimated that the number of new devices able to connect to the world wide web will plummet as we run out of "IP addresses" -- the unique codes that provide access to the internet for everything from PCs to smart phones.  
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