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In today's business world, it is important for customers to be able to request changes quickly and reliably. For this reason, Vergen Inc. has created a Change Management System for customers to conveniently request and track these changes.
The Change Request Manager (CRM) is a convenient online program to create and track Change Request tickets. The system is customizable to suit your business needs. The types of devices and systems that need to be monitored can be specified based on the level of Service requested from Vergen Inc. Our customers use the CRM to request various types of changes, such as changes to DNS records, port configuration on Switches, and modifications to their websites.
CRM is an online tool that is viewable from any web browser. There is no software that needs to be installed. Each user can log in to the system from any computer that has internet access. The CRM is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The home page of the CRM displays a grid showing a quick overview of existing tickets, including date, type, and status. The status is colour coded, quickly identifying which requests have been completed, authorized, and are still pending.
Clicking on any of the rows opens a page showing the full details of the ticket. Additional comments can be added to the ticket, which is a useful tool in keeping track of the progress of the ticket.
Multiple users can be added to the system in order to add or change request tickets. Each company can assign one or more CRM administrator who will be able to add, change or delete users. Also, one or more users can be set up as Authorizers. These users will be responsible for authorizing any new tickets.
Once a request ticket has been added, an email is sent to the user who entered the request (the 'Requestor'), the person responsible for authorizing the request (the 'Authorizer'), and to Vergen Inc.'s support staff. Once the request has been authorized, our support team will the begin work and will complete the task in the time allotted. Typical times are 2 hours for High Priority, and 8 hours for Normal Priority.
Be sure to contact Vergen Inc. for more information on the Change Request Manager.

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