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31.01.2008 Open access for all: prime 700MHz Block C hits reserve price
After 17 rounds, the 700MHz spectrum auction has finally hit its one of its most closely watched targets: bidding on Block C has surpassed the Federal Communications Commission's mandated $4.638 billion reserve, meaning that the FCC's mandated open access rules will come into play. Bids on the block of spectrum totaled $4.744 billion after Round 17.
30.01.2008 Cisco's Big Switch
Cisco announced the development of the Nexus 7000, a network switch that's capable of routing 15 terabits of data per second--the equivalent of moving the entire contents of Wikipedia in a hundredth of a second, or downloading every movie available on Netflix in about 40 seconds.
16.01.2008 DNS Zone Transfers now illegal in North Dakota
Ever been prosecuted for tracking spam? Running a traceroute? Doing a zone transfer? Asking a public internet server for public information that it is configured to provide upon demand? No? Well, David Ritz has. And amazingly, he lost the case.
09.10.2007 Good-bye NetWare, hello Linux: Novell Open Enterprise 2.0
Novell's long journey from NetWare to Linux is finally complete. On Oct. 8, Novell released Open Enterprise Server 2 to its customers worldwide.
01.10.2007 Intel SpeedStep on Windows XP
And excellent insider's view of Intel SpeedStep, Windows XP, and confusing Power Profiles
25.09.2007 Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug
Several researchers have reported a serious multiplication bug in Excel 2007, which has been reported to Microsoft. The example that first came to light is '=850*77.1' — which gives a result of 100,000 instead of the correct 65,535. It seems that any formula that should evaluate to 65,535 will act strangely.
20.09.2007 Sask. court certifies class-action cellphone suit
A Saskatchewan court certified the lawsuit against Canada's cellphone providers on Tuesday. The suit, first launched in 2004, alleges Canada's cellphone users are owed $12 billion plus interest for unfair "system access" fees collected over the years.   The lawyer at the head of a massive class-action lawsuit against Canadian cellphone companies said the service providers have become "addicted" to collecting unnecessary fees from customers.
18.09.2007 Misleading RCMP Data Undermines Counterfeiting Claims
Michael Geist examines the RCMP's crooked claims on counterfeiting and piracy.  Geist demonstrates that the copyright lobby in Canada is alive and well, and willing to distort all kinds of data to achieve the same kinds of draconian IP laws in Canada that the Americans are trying to install everywhere.
11.09.2007 Does 802.11n spell the 'end of Ethernet'?
Senior analyst Paul DeBeasi of the Burton Group believes that the combination of mobility, speed and ease of deployment will lead the new IEEE 802.11n Wireless Ethernet standard to displace traditional wired network deployments for many enterprises beginning in 2008.
18.07.2007 Sun: Upgrading from Linux to Solaris
Sun's EVP for Software Rich Green espouses his views on why Linux is not really good enough, and why Solaris has what it takes to beat out it's open source competition.

01.10.2009 Cisco to Buy Tandberg to Gain Video Equipment
Cisco Systems Inc., the world’s largest maker of networking equipment, agreed to buy Tandberg ASA for 17.2 billion kroner ($2.97 billion), to expand its lineup of video-conferencing products.
12.08.2009 Judge bans Microsoft from selling Word
No, you don't have to get your eyes checked. You read the headline correctly: A Texas judge has banned Microsoft from selling Word in the United States. And now, in the worst-case scenario, Microsoft may have to pull Word off the shelves by October. The chances of that actually happening are very small. Still, this makes for some interesting drama.
16.01.2009 Conficker worm spikes, infects 1.1 million PCs in <24 hours
It has been over a month since we heard much about Conficker, but the worm has reappeared with a vengeance over the past seven days. According to Finnish security company F-Secure, more than one million PCs have been infected with the worm (also known as Kido or Downadup) in the past 24 hours, with a total of 3.52 million machines infected worldwide. According to F-Secure, that 3.52 million is a conservative estimate.
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